F+TRC - Fashion + Textile Resource Center

You want to conduct sophisticated research but get stuck because you lack of sources, expertise, and research tools to collect and analyse the data ???


The F+TRC is the heart of any research approach within the International Fashion Retail Program and the perfect place to find, create, and analyse data.

Foci of the F+TRC are usability studies of online shops, consumer behavior surveys and analysis of communication concepts. Here you have the chance to conduct sophisticated primary research with professional research tools.

Furthermore it serves as a research center for the industry, as Fashion and Textile companies are always welcome to provide us with their actual research problems and questions. We are running long-term as well as short-term studies and collaborate with the industry to investigate their current issues. For research support with academic input, feel free to contact us any time!

The F+TRC is equipped with modern technology such as a mobile Eye-Tracking unit by Tobii Technology, HD Cameras for focus group interviews, CATI- Survey Systems for telephone interviews, Tablets for simultaneous offline research in the field, Scent-Marketing kits, QuestionPro for professional data collection and analysis softwares such as SPSS and Maxqda.

Current Projects of F+TRC:

  • Sustainable supply chain management.
  • Sustainability and consumption behavior.
  • Communication of sustainability issues in the fashion industry.
  • Scent-Marketing in retail environments.
  • ONEM- Online Neuromarketing.
  • Analysis of emotional involvements of fashion online websites.
  • Shop-window mannquins
  • Effects of product presentation tactics on consumer buying decision process.
  • TOP 100 Forecast.
  • Analysis and effects of global trends on Textile and Fashion industry.

The F+TRC is located on the Campus, room 20-121 and the Head of the Laboratory is Deniz Kö

supported by QuestionPro und WGSN