Textile Technology - Textile Management B.Sc.

Students in the Bachelor Programme Textile Technology - Textile Management  (B.Eng.) profit from the university' s comprehensively-equipped building for hands-on teaching and applied research which is the only one of its kind in the world. It comprises spinning machinery for cotton, worsted and woollen yarn,weaving and weft and warp knitting machinery, an equipment laboratory and textile finishing plant.

An internship semester spent working on a project in the textile industry is an integral part of the degree programme. Expertise in both textile technology and textile management is a combination much sought-after in the textile industry. After the succesful completition of the 8 semester degree programme, students hold the degree of a Bachelor of Engineering.

The Programme is entirely taught in German for degree seeking students, except exchang students can choose courses from the international Programme we offer.

The Master Programme we offer in the field of Textile Technology or Retail Management: Textile Chain Research

1. Textile Chain Research lasts 2 semesters and leads to a Master of Science and offers two specialisations, either Textile Technology or Retail Management. Students are prepared for leading positions in the textile industry and associated branches.

The Master Programme we offer for specialist in single subjects: Interdisciplinary Material Sciences

2. Interdisciplinary Material Sciences lasts 3 semesters and leads to a Master of Science. Due to increasing global activities in the field of research the standard of knowledge is growing. Subsequently the need of specialists in single subjects areas is growing too.

Aim of this Master is to interface the subject areas in Industrial Design, Textile Technology, Engineering, Chemistry and Informatics.

Regardless of the options to study as a full degree student or as an exchange student, we always welcome our new students and wish them an excellent start in Reutlingen.


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