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International Exchange Students

**** Covid-19: Important Information for Spring Term 2021****

Germany is constantly in a second lockdown, by order of our ministriy and federal government, we only can plan a minimum of presence on campus.

The hybrid semester, which is more or less only and exclusive for the technical programmes, will make it possible for students to stay in the laboratories, but the Program International Fashion Retail will only take place online.

In summary, for those who started the application procedure already, we only can offer you the following option for the next tem:

  1. Participate in a  fully  online exchange program in International Fashion Retail with stay in Germany. This could be an option for those who must absolve a compulsory study abroad term. The exams in July 2021 will be in presence. If possible, depending on the number of Covid19 cases in spring, we try to offer some live activities on campus, also in the School of Textiles.
  2. Postpone the mobility to the academic year winter 2021/2022.


The world of textiles is a multi-faceted and fascinating field of study.  Aside from the traditional areas of fashion and interior design, textiles are also used in the fields of transportation, medicine, architecture, and art, or as goods in international trade. 

A number of business-related subjects have been added to the degree programmes in Textile Technology, Fashion Design and Textile Design. In response to the growing needs of industry, the degree programme International Fashion Retail adds a new dimension to what the Textile Faculty offers. Courses taught in English are now standard.

Our school has a comprehensive range of degree programmes including the Master degree programmes in Transportation Interior Design, Textile and Fashion Design, Artistic Conception, Textile Chain Research and Interdisciplinary Material Sciences.

Since 2015 the school of Textiles and Design is a member of a worldwide education network, the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI).

IFFTI focuses on educational development and research in the areas of fashion design, technology, business and related fields. Member Institutions participate in the Annual International Conference and collaborate with each other in bilateral agreements and many other professional development activities.

We are also Member of Netfas, an organization for textile and clothing research to support/strengthen/safeguard our position in Europe as University of Applied Sciences.

Regardless of the options to study as a full degree student or as an exchange student, we always welcome our new students and wish them an excellent start in Reutlingen.

Our Reutlingen International Office guides you by showing you the Destination Reutlingen.